I am Mary Ellington Varner seeking to be your next Mayor of Medina. I am a native of Gibson County. I am a graduate of Milan High School. I have pursued continuous growth in my education and careers by attending the University of TN at Martin, and graduating from Tennessee Tech, TN Real Estate Education System, and Jackson State Community College. I have held multiple State and National licenses.

I am married to Brent Varner, a retired thirty-year veteran/manager with Old Dominion Freight Lines. I have three grown children and three precious granddaughters- with my fourth on her way in January.




  • Member of Gibson County Chamber of Commerce
  • Member of Republican National Committee Presidential Advisory Board 2020
  • Active member of Englewood North Baptist Church in Medina.
  • Registered Nurse (focus on Behavioral Health) with a RN Multi-State License
  • Past business owner and CEO of a West TN immunization company
  • Holds a Tennessee License as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
  • Held an Affiliate Real Estate Brokers License with the state of Tennessee with multiple State and local awards.
  • Recognized as Board of Realtors President’s Outstanding Service Award, Relocation Specialist, Multi-Million Dollar Sales Awards, and honored with A Life-time Multimillion Dollar Producer award.
  • Developed, marketed, and taught First-time Home Buyers Seminars in West Tennessee.


Let’s Improve Quality of Life for the Residents of Medina.

We moved from Jackson to “downtown Medina” in 2018. We bought a house that was built in 1948. It would have been easier to tear it down, but we chose to preserve its history for Medina. We have invested two years of hard labor, lots of money, and all of our heart- into making Medina our Forever Home.

Driving around the City of Medina you see people, young and old- from farmers to bankers. I do believe the City of Medina is home to some of the kindest folks you could ever meet. Neighbors feel more like family. We have enjoyed sitting on porches sharing dreams for Medina. I listen to joy about our schools, parks, and ball fields. I hear excitement over our choice of local restaurants. But many have expressed concerns about the destruction of Medina’s historical buildings and expressed concerns over poor lighting on streets/roads. There are concerns over the reoccurring vandalism of the old Medina Elementary School building. Why isn’t it being revitalized to bring revenue and safety to our community? Where is the development to support the growth in Medina?  Medina Residents, “We deserve More”. Let’s improve the quality of life for the residents of Medina, together! Vote Mary E. Varner on November 3, 2020- Together, we will build a better Medina.




  • Increase Public Awareness and Communications

  • Support Local Teachers, Fire Fighters, and Police Officers

  • Fuel Economic Development 

  • Improve Infrastructure

VOTE: Tuesday November 3, 2020

“Hitch your wagon to a star…” Ralph Waldo Emmerson
Citizens of Medina with your vote we will soar!



  1. Clear communication from the community leaders
  2. Strongly support our local teachers, fire fighters, police officers, and Businesses
  3. Improve economic development
  4. Improve our infrastructure
  5. Improve the quality of life for the residents of Medina.